Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When and Why did IAIN come into being?

Answer:     In the Spring of 1995, the Technical Information Committee (TIC) of the NATO Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development (AGARD) established a Working Group to examine the issues, strategies, and actions required to develop and establish an International Aerospace Information Network (IAIN).

Question: On what premise was the IAIN established?

Answer:     The aim of the IAIN Working Group was to develop and establish a means to facilitate access to, and use of aerospace and aerospace-related information. The IAIN was premised on the need to identify major collections of data relevant to aerospace Research & Development; to provide mechanisms to access these data and information resources; and to create a vehicle to stimulate the integration and access of multidisciplinary data related to aerospace R&D.

Question: What is the IAIN goal?

Answer:     The goal of the IAIN working Group was to achieve a self-sustaining worldwide network of partner organizations committed to sharing their data and information resources. The IAIN would allow user communities to share data and information electronically among major international data archives and resource centers. It would serve a diverse set of users who are geographically separated and require access to disparate data and information.

Question: What factors will you measure to determine your success?

Answer:     The success of the IAIN will be determined primarily on its ability to deliver the desired data and information and needed services to the user. Some of the principal user services and features to be implemented include:

Question: What drove the IAIN committee to the internet?

Answer:     After studying and evaluating the many existing models of international cooperative databases, the Working Group decided that the Internet would be a suitable vehicle to provide such services, and developed a prototype IAIN Homepage to be used as a Proof of Concept. In this prototype Homepage, several connections are made to information sources as a demonstration of the concept and capability that would be inherent in the final stage. Essentially, this is intended to be a limited version of the finished network. The final homepage will be publicly inaugurated in April 1997, at the final AGARD meeting.

Question: What Organizations comprise and support the IAIN?

Answer:     The International Aerospace Information Network is a concept developed, and supported by the following organizations:

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