General Sites

Locations which provide subject based services and access to aeronautical engineering, aircraft, and aviation resources.

· Aeromodelismo e Aviação em Portugal Personal page of Mr. João Almeida about the history of aviation and aeronautics in Portugal.

· The UK Source of Aviation - Searchable database; The UK's largest guide to products, services and support in the UK aviation industry.

· Aviators Network (UK) - Directory service aimed at the General aviation community. Contains links to other aviation services and resources, as well as practical information of interest to the flying community. This includes links to airport data, customs regulations, flight planning and navigation, some of which is extracted from Pooley's Flight Guide United Kingdom.

· BUBL WWW Subject Tree - Stored search which provides value-added access to Internet resources, providing subject-based services and access to resources, including associated reference, help, current awareness and training services. This location will access aeronautical engineering, aircraft, aviation, astronautics, astronomy, space, and air transport resources from the BUlletin Board for Libraries Service.

· Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - WWW Virtual Library - An extensive listing of aeronautical and aviation sites as well as sites providing on-line research services.

· Homepage of the Federal Aviation Administration - Access to FAA regulations, documents and publications; information on research and acquisition; FAA news and information; FAA supported sites; and other aviation sites.

· Leading Edge - Multimedia electronic news service provided by Offers a daily "push cast" service for subscribers, which provides daily updates of breaking stories.

· Royal Aeronautical Society - The site features a regularly updated summary of all the key aerospace news as well as comprehensive coverage of the Society and its many activities. Formerly featured as the Royal Aircraft Establishment AirSpace NEWS site.

· Space Links - Site devoted to discoveries in planetary science, with emphasis on research stemming from the Cosmochemistry, Planetary Geology and Geophysics, and Origins Programs. The Shuttle Countdown Status from the Kennedy Spaceflight Center (server not always running).

· United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

· YAHOO Internet Life, Science: Aviation and Aeronautics - Stored search similar to the BUBL. This location provides aviation and aeronautics Internet resources from Yahoo.

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