Information Repositories
& Databases

· AEROSPACE DATABASES - repositories of textual aerospace and aerospace- related information

· AEROSPACE DATA SETS - repositories of numeric, factual, graphic, computer programs, imagery, and parametric data associated with experimentation and measurements

· COMMERCIAL DATABASES AND HOSTS - textual, numeric, and factual aerospace and aerospace-related databases produced by commercial vendors.

· IMAGE ARCHIVES - photos and images of aircraft, spacecraft, space travel.

· PUBLICATIONS - journal literature, full text documents, newsletters, etc., relating to aerospace and aerospace-related subjects.

· MUSEUMS - museums and historical locations containing aerospace or aerospace-related displays and historical artifacts.

· REPOSITORIES OF AEROSPACE INFORMATION - locations of libraries and other facilities with collections of aerospace information, not necessarily available on-line.

· AEROSPACE IN THE 21st CENTURY - an electronic bibliography of aerospace studies and future projections.

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